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Complex real estate projects

The firm handles representation and accompaniment of property owners, entrepreneurs, contractors and financing entities in various residential, commercial and industrial construction transactions, including transactions of “purchase groups”, clearing-construction transactions, combination transactions, , Including East Europe, handling the Hassan Arafa complex in the heart of Tel Aviv, drafting contracts for rental of commercial buildings – including the building method leased by the landlord according to tenant requirements, representation of entrepreneurs and purchasers vis-a-vis financing bodies, representing developers and contractors in construction projects, Acquire and sell in the hotel sector, and represent buyers and sellers in a variety of real estate transactions, both in private land and in land managed by the Israel Land Administration.

Real estate development

The firm is engaged in real estate development, promotion and accompaniment of city building plans and changes in designation, and land compromises.

Representation before courts

The firm represents and represents a diverse list of clients, both private and institutional, in legal proceedings in the field of real estate, including eviction claims, claims for the dissolution of real estate, claims against protected tenants, expropriation and expropriation claims, lawsuits and land disputes.

Real Estate Tax Department

The firm has a real estate tax department that deals with tax aspects of various transactions, ranging from basic transactions for the sale / purchase and rental of real estate, private, commercial and agricultural properties, to complex transactions that require integrated and creative solutions, , Including for the purpose of conducting negotiations with respect to tax liability, formulating pre-ruling with respect to various transactions, and representation in court cases in various tax matters.
The head of the department is Adv. Shai Taco (an economist), who served in the past as a squad coordinator in the Israel Tax Authority – Real Estate Tax Center, and as the director of the real estate tax department at Kesselman & Kesselman.



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